On Measures to Further Improve the Anti-Corruption System and Increase the Efficiency of the System of Public Control Over the Activities of Government Bodies and Organizations Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

For to increase the effectiveness of the work carried out in the field of preventing and combating corruption, further expanding the scale and ensuring unhindered access to open data on important social issues, as well as implementing the tasks defined by the Uzbekistan 2030 Strategy:

  1. Approve the proposal of the National Anti-Corruption Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan (hereinafter referred to as the National Council), the Anti-Corruption Agency (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) and the Prosecutor General’s Office to introduce the following system for preventing corruption crimes:

The Agency conducts a quarterly analysis of corruption crimes committed by government bodies and organizations and, in order to determine urgent measures, submits statutory notices to government bodies and organizations that allowed the rise of corruption crime, subject to mandatory review with the participation of Agency employees;

at meetings of the National Council every six months, a critical discussion is held of the measures taken to prevent crimes and eliminate the factors that create conditions for them, with the participation of the first heads of the relevant government bodies and organizations.

  1. Approve the State Anti-Corruption Program 2023–2024 in accordance with Appendix 1.
  2. From December 1, 2023, supplement the List of socially significant information to be posted as open data with the following information:

on a single online queue of pilgrims queuing to go on Hajj, by region (date of queuing the application of the person leaving for the pilgrimage, his/her number in the line);

on the queue (line) of applications submitted for admission of children to state preschool educational organizations (the date the application was placed in the queue, the number in the list, age group and organization number);

on the internal departmental procedure of the procurement commission (regulations, instructions or other intradepartmental acts), establishing procedures for public procurement in government bodies and organizations;

on vacancies in central, regional organizations and system organizations, conditions of employment, requirements for candidates, documents to be submitted;

on grants and social contract projects provided by government bodies and organizations to nongovernmental nonprofit organizations, including winner nongovernmental nonprofit organizations and reports on the work they carried out within the framework of the order. 

  1. Approve the Agency’s proposal to introduce a procedure for online streaming of the following processes:
  2. a) defense of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctor of Science (DSc), conducted by the Scientific Panel (with the exception of closed scientific works);
  3. b) test examinations in all secondary special and vocational educational institutions (including Temurbeklar Maktabi military-academic lyceums), as well as entrance exams for Presidential, Art and specialized schools;
  4. c) the following stages of competitive selection for admission to military training courses (military department) at higher educational institutions:

assessment of general physical fitness;

assessment of the level of knowledge in the pre-conscription initial training program.

  1. Entrust the Agency with the task of organizing and conducting ‘Mystery Feedback Shopping’ activities in order to assess the degree of effectiveness of the feedback system of government bodies and organizations.
  2. Establish that:

‘Feedback Mystery Shopping’ activities are carried out in order to check the functioning of the helpline/hotline of Call centers of government bodies and organizations and phone numbers published on their official websites, the effectiveness of data exchange, the functioning of feedback, including its efficiency and implementation on time;

‘Feedback Mystery Shopping’ activities are conducted by the Agency’s responsible employees in a remote format using phone calls, email and other means of communication;

Based on the results of the ‘Feedback Mystery Shopping’ activities, statutory notices are submitted to government bodies and organizations mandatory for consideration to improve their activities in terms of ensuring openness.

In this case, it is strictly prohibited:

bribe and induce to commit offenses, including artificially creating controversial, conflict situations and allowing shortcomings during ‘Feedback Mystery Shopping’ activities;

involve other persons other than responsible employees of the Agency in conducting ‘Feedback Mystery Shopping’ activities;

visit the objects of study.

Shortcomings identified during monitoring are not grounds for holding employees of ministries and departments accountable, except in cases of personal initiative by employers.

  1. The Agency (Akmal Burkhanov) with the involvement of international organizations and foreign experts:

within three months, on the basis of an electronic platform, create an online training system aimed at training employees of government bodies and organizations responsible for ensuring openness, the requirements of national legislation and international standards in openness;

develop and submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a list of responsible employees of government bodies and organizations to be trained through the electronic platform, as well as training dates;

introduce a procedure for conducting test exams to assess the knowledge and skills of each attendee based on the results of training through an electronic platform, as well as open publication of results based on accumulated rating points;

regularly improve (supplement) the modules of the electronic platform based on the requirements determined by legislative acts, best practices of foreign countries and the requirements of international standards.

  1. Introduce an addition to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 16, 2021 No.DP 6247 ‘On additional measures to ensure the openness of the activities of government bodies and organizations, as well as the effective implementation of public control’ in accordance with Appendix 2.
  2. The Agency, within three months, submits to the Cabinet of Ministers proposals for amendments and additions to legislative acts arising from this Decree.
  3. Assign to the Director of the Agency Akmal Burkhanov personal responsibility for the effective organization of the implementation of this Decree.
  4. Coordination and control over the activities of departments responsible for the implementation of this Decree shall be entrusted to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov.


President of the Republic of Uzbekistan                                Sh. Mirziyoyev



27 November 2023

28 November, 2023