On May 5, the Anti-Corruption Agency held a workshop for members of regional councils, the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Tashkent city.

Topical issues and tasks were discussed within the framework of the workshop, organized on the theme ‘Implementation of legislative acts on openness of activities of government bodies and organizations.’

During the workshop, the participants shared views on a number of topics, including the introduction of the Openness Index, monitoring the openness of the activities of government bodies and organizations. The state of implementation of legal acts on these issues was considered as well.

In particular, the results of the Openness Index 2022 were analyzed. Shortcomings admitted by the regional administrations were reviewed.

In addition, the results of studying the state of live broadcasts of sessions of Councils of people’s representatives for 2022 were discussed. As noted, over the past year, a total of 245 sessions of the Jokargy Kenes of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional councils of people’s representatives and the Tashkent city council were held. Only 61 of them, or 25 percent, were broadcast live on local TV channels or on the Internet.

Information was presented on the analysis of the state of openness of the content of public documents in E-qaror electronic system. Members of regional councils with a low percentage of public accessibility of documents were given specific tasks to analyze the situation and eliminate deficiencies.

At the workshop, the Agency officials answered the participants’ questions.



Press Office

The Anti-Corruption Agency

5 May, 2023